Category: Veterinary Medicine

Adventure Aquarium

Today, VETM students went to the Adventure Aquarium in New Jersey! They got to see and touch many different marine and aquatic animals […]

Philadelphia Zoo

VETM students went to the Philadelphia Zoo today! In America’s first national zoo, students had the opportunity to see around 1300 animals in […]

Clinical Rounds

VETM students had their Clinical Rounds today at UPenn Veterinary classes and lecture halls. In 6 different rotations, they learned how to be […]


VETM students have wrapped up day 4 with suturing. Using lacerated pigs feet along with scissors, forceps, and needle drivers, the students got […]

Microbiology Lab

Students had the opportunity to rotate in a microbiology laboratory. They tested samples swabbed from humans and animals, assessed the results, and viewed […]

PennVet Working Dog Demonstration

Starting things off today is a demonstration by PennVet’s Working Dog Center! They demonstrated what the difference is between a service and working […]

Commitment In Action

VETM students had their second leadership session today: Commitment In Action. In this interactive lesson, they learned how to stick to their ideas […]

Getting into Veterinary Medicine

Today, students had a few lectures by Dr. Huh, Dr. Chan, and Dr. Hargrove about the process of getting into Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary […]

The Personality Matrix

For the VETM student’s first leadership session, Leadership Facilitator Denard talked about The Personality Matrix. This was taught through way of categorizing and […]

Welcome to Philadelphia!

Welcome to the UPenn Veterinary program! To kick things off, students went on a quick tour of some of Philadelphia’s biggest tourist attractions: […]