Category: Veterinary Medicine

Clinical Rounds

Students had their Clinical Rounds today. In two rounds of 3 rotations, they got to experience suturing, cpr and intubation, PennVet hospital tour, […]

Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony! The first large group gathering and big activity of the session. Students are introduced to their staff and got a talk […]

Registration Day

Today is registration day! Students from all over are checking in, moving in, and getting ready for this session. Click here to see […]

Video | Session Recap


Checkout and departure. The students say their goodbyes and hop on the shuttles to the airport to go home. Click here to see […]

Closing Ceremony

Closing ceremony is the last group gathering of the session! TA superlatives and a slideshow was shown, wrapping up all the memories made […]

What I Discovered

What I Discovered. An impactful last leadership session with Dennard. Students shared some of their final moments together, as everyone will leave tomorrow. […]

Wildlife Lab with Dr. Erica Miller

Today, students had a Wildlife Lab with Dr. Erica Miller. They got to learn about some other areas of Veterinary Medicine as well […]

Video | Clinical Rounds

Pig and Shark Dissection

Following the aquarium, the students dissected some fetal pigs and dogfish sharks to learn about the anatomy differences between species. Click here to […]