Category: Veterinary Medicine

What I Discovered

What I Discovered: the last leadership session of this whole session! Student got a chance to speak to their peers about what they […]

Dissections: Pigs & Sharks

After the Philadelphia Zoo, students got to do dissections. They used fetal pigs and dogfish sharks to compare the anatomy of two different […]

Philadelphia Zoo

Students got to go to the Philadelphia Zoo today. In America‚Äôs first national zoo, students had the opportunity to see around 1300 animals […]

Wildlife Lab

Students had a Wildlife Lab led by Dr. Erica Miller. They got to handle and practice intubating, injecting, and drawing blood on turtles. […]

Microbiology Lab

Today, students had a hands-on microbiology lab at PennVet. They looked at different bacteria samples and swabbed different tests to find out what […]

New Bolton Center

Following the aquarium, students also got to visit the New Bolton Center! It is a large animal veterinarian hospital run by PennVet, geared […]

Adventure Aquarium

Students went to the Adventure Aquarium today! They got to touch different sea animals, see sharks, and view a numerous amount of other […]

PennVet Working Dog Demonstration

Today, students got a visit by the PennVet Working Dog program! They learned about what a working dog is capable of, and how […]

Commitment In Action

Commitment in Action is a leadership session about self-commitment and following through with your ideas! Students committed to doing a move down the […]

Love Sign & Rocky Steps

Students took a field trip visit to the Philadelphia Love sign and Rocky steps, outside of the Philadelphia Museum of Art! Click here […]