Year: 2019

Video | Guest Lecturer Dr. Tanya Angell

The VETM students were visited by veterinarian Dr. Tanya Angell, who explained the intricacies being a  veterinary pathologist and taught them how to […]

Physical Examination

Everyone loves Baxter! The VETM students practiced physical exams on our doggo friend to prepare them for working with live patients! To see […]

Pathology Workshop

The Veterinary residents of the University of Pennsylvania walked the VETM students through pathological deductions of different household animals with illness. The students […]

Client Diagnostics: 1st Interviews

Being a vet isn’t all animals, you have to deal with people too! The VETM students practiced their speaking skills via simulated client […]

Visit to the Philadelphia Zoo

Nobody is happier than vet students around animals! The VETM students took a guided tour around the Philly Zoo to see all the […]

Video | Guest Lecturer Dr. Erica Miller

Dr. Erica Miller talked to the students about the varied background of her career and the many paths individuals can take through veterinary […]

Shark and Piglet Disection

The VETM students learned about animal anatomy through the dissection of sharks and piglets, delivering a few post-mortem c-sections along the way. To […]

Wildlife Skill Lab

Dr. Erica Miller taught the students how to wrap bird wings and inject medicine today in her Wildlife Skills Lab! To see more […]


The VETM students practiced their suturing skills on pigs feet in the University of Penn Labs! To see more shots, click any of […]

Penn Vet Admissions Talk

University of Penn Director of Admissions, Rob Dimeo, answered questions and spoke to the students about going through vet school, creating balance in […]